Chicken n' Fixins

Fill 'em up with a combo. The Chicken n' Fixins is complete with crispy Nashville-style breast and thigh, crunchy pickles and cornbread.

Heat levels

The OG

High in flavor, low in spice


Notes of smoked paprika


Packin’ heat


Burn Notice!


  • Fried chicken

    all-natural brined chicken breast and thigh, buttermilk, rice flour, garlic, touch of hot sauce.

  • B&B pickles

    white & apple cider vin, yellow onion, mustard seeds, fresh dill.

  • Cayenne Coleslaw

    white & green cabbage, carrots, scallions, cilantro, mayo, mustard, apple cider vin, celery seeds, honey.

  • Spicy Maple Cornbread

    corn starch, brown sugar, honey, buttermilk, egg, butter.